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How to Do: Side Crow into Eka Pada Koundinyasana

Bakasana (or Crow pose) is usually the first pose that most people learn, but I actually like side crow even better. It flows so perfectly with a typical vinyasa practice, and not only do you get the benefits of core strengthening, but you also get the detoxing, cleansing effects of a side twist. What?! #winning! Another added perk is you get to start adding more transitioning poses and start building up your yoga practice. The Koundinyasana pose is optional, and you can add it on just as easily as leave it out.


1) Warm up with your sun salutations (review here) and crow (review here)  to get in your flow.

2) Have good contact points! Firmly connect those chatarunga arms to your legs. The key points are close to the hip and the side of the knee.

3) Use chatarunga arms as a platform to get into the pose.

4) Make a triangle of your two hands and gaze focused in front of hands.

5) Spread fingers wide! This will really help with balancing.

Stand in mountain pose:

yoga 045

Exhale to chair.

yoga 047

yoga 046

Bring hands to heart:

yoga 052

Exhale  and twist over, keeping those knees in line. Don’t let one pop out over the other:)

yoga 049

Place hand in crow position, and gaze past the nads just like you would for crow.

yoga 048

Jam your elbow firmly into your hip socket and the other elbow into the outside of the knee. Create chatarunga arms, and shift forward onto your arms.

 yoga 050

You can stay here for 5 breaths, or open into Koundinyasana by kicking out that bottom leg first and lengthening out the top.

yoga 033

I hope you give these asanas a try! They’re such fun and incredibly good for the body. And of course, if you have questions, please let me know:)  Much love and namaste!

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