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Gluten Free Pumpkin Pancakes: Because Too Much of A Good Thing Is Delish!

Can you ever have too many pumpkin recipes? I submit to you that you can not! If you read my last post about making pumpkin bread, you’re probably aware of my crazed enthusiasm for all things fall and pumpkin related. I can’t even feel bad about this…I mean, fall is the most wonderful time of the year (take that, Christmas! Kidding, I kid…Santa don’t send me coal!) Plus, pumpkin is AMAZING for your health. The bright orange flesh is chocked full of ingredients that aid digestion, immunization, anti-aging (SIGN ME UP!) and even helps with disease prevention. (For fellow nerds who like to research, check out this link on the benefits of pumpkin)

My favorite meal is Brinner: breakfast for dinner. It’s all the benefits of breakfast with the perks of dinner. ‘m wide awake, loving life, and ready for a hearty meal. Unlike at breakfast, I have no thoughts of how much I’m missing my bed. I also tend to drink only lemon water and a green smoothie for breakfast to let my digestive system kick off with a good start. So naturally, I love Brinner, although brunch is a close second, let’s be real. A huge frustration of mine is finding healthy, delicious, gluten-free recipes for pancakes. Fellow healthy fanatics, rejoice, because I finally came up with a recipe that is insanely good (well, to me and my clan, but you know, take that with a grain of salt) and produces light, super fluffy pumpkin pancakes. NO MILK, NO GLUTEN, NO SUGAR! It’s like I stumbled upon Utopia without even trying. For my vegan friends, I included the vegan alternative to eggs.


1) Over mixing will give you flat, non-fluffy pancakes (Brinner FAIL!) Use a whisk and mix by hand. Batter should be thick, and stick to the spoon. Trust me, I would never lead you astray on something as important as this! Honest!

2) My favorite mix is Pamela’s Gluten Free Pancake mix. The ratio of gluten-free flours is spot on and saves me a headache. I don’t really do that whole, you know, measuring things perfectly. I’m more a feeler when it comes to measuring/life/ev-ar-y-thing. But I digress. PS the best price for the flour and pancake mix is on Amazon. I make Amazon regret they have Prime free shipping, because I order so.much.stuff.

3) I personally like a little extra sugar and spice (and everything nice…I’m a girl obvi), so season to taste, but I put standard seasoning servings in this recipe, not Camryn-Spices.


  • 3 cups Pamela’s Gluten-free flour
  • 3/4 tsp. celtic sea salt
  • 2 tsp. baking soda
  • 2 tsp. cinnamon
  • 1/2 tsp. nutmeg
  • 1/2. tsp. ginger
  • 2 T dried coconut nectar (adds rich, brown sugar like flavor, can use brown sugar instead)
  • 1/4 cup dried stevia
  • 2 cups pumpkin puree or organic BPA free canned pumpkin
  • 2 cups BPA free canned coconut milk (more or less depending on moistness of pumpkin mix)
  • 3 eggs *vegan substitute: Ener-G egg free mix to same ratio


Mix all the dry ingredients first.

Add egg and pumpkin in separate bowl, then mix into dry ingredients.

Pour coconut milk into mix slowly in portions, using both the solid and liquid portions; mix as you go. The batter should be thick and stick to the spoon to create thick, fluffy pancakes. Are you sensing my not-so-subtle obsession with fluffy pancakes? Cuz that’s the point I’m trying to drive home;)

Make sure your pan is preheated to about medium high. Thicker pancakes need a little more time to cook through, so avoid scorching them with high heat.

Butter the pan or use coconut oil, and scoop batter onto the pan.

Each side takes about 4-5 minutes to cook through on my range top stove, but this might be different from stove to stove, so watch carefully.

Serve with raw walnut, pecans or almonds on top with organic, pure maple syrup…preferably at Brinner Time.

Much love and I hope you enjoy this recipe!

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