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Thankfulness & Other Thoughts

Yoga Thanksgiving

We often talk of gratitude and contentment, but it’s sometimes harder to live out. Out of all the holidays, Thanksgiving is one of my favorites, because it’s dedicated entirely to being thankful for what we have, while realizing contentment despite what we do not have. Thankfulness has nothing to do with the contents of our lives and everything to do with the condition of our hearts.

Would you take this challenge with me? Let us practice deep contentment for what we have, keeping our focus off of materialism and turning it towards things much less tangible but more valuable. I also set the intention on and off the mat to nurture my sense of joyful gratitude. Thankfulness is not playing a Pollyanna “Glad Game” and merely finding things to be happy about each day, or ignoring the bad. It is a state of the heart, in which we acknowledge the pain, disappointments, and hard situations we face and say, “Even so, I choose joy. I choose to recognize that nothing is permanent, including this hard time, but my state of the heart can be in a permanent state of thankfulness for the blessings I have, what I had, and what I will have.”

Past: being thankful for things in the past reminds us that life does bring good things to us. It has seasons, and even if we feel like we’re in a barren season right now, the good that life did before, it can and will bring again.

Present: it is so easy to plow through life without really soaking up the current day. Do we take time to really notice little details about what are loved ones are doing or saying? Do we take time to gaze at a beautiful blue sky? Now is the most powerful and joyful we will ever feel, because it is always NOW.

Future: by reminding ourselves of past and the present blessings, it gives us faith and hope for the future. We can look to tomorrow with a sense of peace, knowing that God watches over us better than we realize and will continue to do so.

Thanksgiving is a perfect opportunity to pause in gratitude for our blessings: past, present and future, and to honor one another. I am so thankful for our yoga community, for the growth and learning you share with me, and for the beautiful inspiration you provide. Truly, from my heart, thank you and namaste: the Light in me honors the Light in you! Much love!

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I’m a gypsy soul. A Jill of all trades. INFJ. Wild at heart. Infatuated with life and in love with flawed people. I live in Capital Hill, D.C., with my best friend/husband/fellow wander-luster (he wears a lot of hats:). I'm passionate about pursuing a healthy and fit life...the natural way: through yoga, holistic living, and clean eating. Thank you for sharing my journey!

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