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An Asana of Freedom: Wild Thing Pose

Ashtanga Yoga: Wild Thing Pose

I absolutely love the yoga community on Instagram. I am constantly inspired and encouraged by the mutual journey I get to take with other yogini’s, and I am deeply moved when people take time to comment. It’s so uplifting! I try to do the same for others, because it honestly is such a lovely encouragement to me and I want to be that for others. I was recently tagged by a friend to do a stop, drop and yoga pose, and I thought over which one to do. I felt like so many people chose mind blowing poses that demonstrated such strength and inspiring skill. I was tempted to pull something similar out of my bag of tricks, but I felt moved to do one of my favorite poses: wild thing. To see tips on the pose, jump to the bottom of the page.

I love the pose wild thing because it’s accessible at many skill levels, and it reminds us we’re all wild at heart and should never let life break us or totally tame us. Perhaps one of the greater challenges we face in life is to grow up and be ourselves: the true version of ourselves. Life, parents, lovers, and friends have many expectations of us. We have expectations of us. But beneath is all is our truest self, the wild, free self that refuses to be broken or owned. I want to be gracious. But I never want to be civilized. I never want to do what everyone else is doing, or buy into the lie that we must must must try to Keep Up with the Kardashians (UGH! Excuse me while I throw up).

I am most inspired by people who march to not only the beat of their own drum, but dance to their own music. I love it when people are all “long hair don’t care”, trend breakers, against the grain goers, rule benders, and mind explorers. I love the mistfits, because they fit best into real life and real love. I adore the adventurous, because they shall inherit the earth. The greatest thing we can fight for is the freedom to be true to who we are as individuals, scars, flaws, mistakes and all.

We live in an airbrush crazed society. The perfection expected spills over from glossy magazine pages and into real life. We as women are bombarded with images and messages that tell us we are too fat, too frumpy, our pores are too big, our skin is too blotchy, our hair is too lanky and limp. While I don’t think we have to be a part of the #nomakeup movement, by refusing to be one of those women that obsess over image and how others accept up or perceive us, we break the mold. We stay wild at heart. We do not let mainstream media break up, saddle us up and destroy us. Do we need to be angry at modern media and society? Do we need to express our rage at men who would objectify us as women or women who sell an image for so little as mere sex appeal? No, a thousand times, no. People don’t change just because we express fury. Especially ignorant people. Simply by deliberately not being party to this mentality starts to turn the tide. Do you know why places like Walmart, Giant etc started carrying organic and GMO products? Not because they cared, certainly not. But because people took their business elsewhere. Let’s take our “business” (our thoughts, feelings, social media etc) elsewhere and watch the change. In the meantime, let’s keep our hearts bold, free and wide open.

Tips for Wild Thing Pose:

 Start in Adho Mukha Syanasana (Downward-Facing Dog). Traditionally, instructors will have students lift their leg and bend at the knee in the “fire hydrant pose” (I hate that made up term, but it works.)
 On an exhale, roll your weight into your right hand and shift onto the outer edge of your right foot, similiar to Vasisthasana (Side Plank Pose).
 Inhale and  lift your hips. Stay strong in your right hand and keep fingers firmly planted. On an exhalations, step your left foot back and place your toes on the floor. Knee stays partially bent, feet can be plants or touch the earth lightly with toes for a look of great levity and grace. Arch back UP, push hips UP. Let the head fall down the back, relaxed with no tension. OPEN your heart and enjoy this vibrant, energetic pose. 
 To get back to downward facing dog, think like a plank:) Keep muscles engaged and shift weight onto your side as come into a side plank for a moment; in a sweeping action, bring your raised hand and foot down to the mat to downward facing dog again. Keep each pose in mind as you transition, so you will have better alignment, form, and muscle function. This really helps me get into and out of the pose, rather than arbitrarily tossing myself back and forth:) 

And of course, as you do this pose, channel the wild, untamed you. The genuine, unclaimed, true to you self. That’s the  person you’re meant to be. Much love and namaste!

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