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Monday Mantra: Unconditional Kindness

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Monday Mantra: Unconditional Kindness

I don’t like political diatribes, and I usually avoid them at all cost. They seem so pointless and generally argumentative. But I am going to speak a few thoughts about Ferguson, Missouri, and hopefully gently and from my heart. I want to make it clear that I believe in equality and humane treatment, and I never believe that it should be fought for in an inhumane or violent manner that disrespects our fellow man. I really apologize for my inability to perfectly convey my thoughts right now, but please know I am sharing the best I can to hopefully add a few positive thoughts during this massive negativity media storm.

My heart is heavy right now watching the pain on both sides, and mostly because there are sides, and I’m not sure how we make the line disappear. What I do know is that if we chose to use wisdom and kindness in our interaction with each other, what a difference it would make in our own hearts and other people’s lives. Notice, I’m not saying we blindly trust everyone or lack discretion in our interaction in the name of kindness. It’s ok for me to be nervous about a man on the street that I don’t know, simply because he’s a man on the street that I don’t know…not because of his race or socioeconomic status. That’s being street smart. While I make a huge effort to keep myself and my family safe, I also make an enormous effort to treat everyone with kindness and fairness.

I also want to say a huge THANK YOU to my many friends who fight for minority rights with relentless self-respect, graciousness, and perseverance. It might not make the biggest media splash but it makes a much longer lasting ripple. For my friends fighting against the horrific violence against women and children that occurs EVERY MINUTE OF EVERY DAY, I thank you for not fighting violence with violence and for your seemingly never ending battle against these ongoing crimes. For my friends in the LGBT community, thank you for creating such a positive image and being such an asset to the community, that the walls of discrimination and fear are being quickly torn down. For my precious friends taking a stand for fair and appropriate treatment in Ferguson, my prayers are with you. May you have the strength to not act in anger, but through gentle strength. Let us reach across the divide, not widen it through hate and reverse discrimination; Let us remember human pain, sorrow, and the need for kindness is color blind. We are all fighting a hard battle. Tell me your stories, I’ll tell you mine. We are all fragile, we are all human. From the deepest part of my heart, much love and namaste.

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