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New Leaves & Trees (and Other Thoughts)


New Years in the time when we set lovely intentions (we mean to live by), resolutions (we often break) and lofty goals (we can’t always achieve). Change can come. Sometimes, all we have to do is turn over a new leaf, but other times we must plant a whole new tree. Prana yoga honors the seasons as a powerful influence on our lives, and I actually was in a Prana class on New Year’s Day and found it truly inspiring. My teacher said the New Year is a time of cold and dark, and it’s easy to hybernate both physically and mentally. But, she added, this is an amazing time to start planting seeds of potential. We will reap the harvest later. We must set our goals and intentions now, and if we’re faithful to tend them, we’ll see incredible results. It’s not impossible to teach an old dog new tricks, and I am learning one of the most empowering ways to truly reach and keep our goals is to frequently ask ourselves: how, what, and why.

1. How can I make this goal happen? This is where we identify what is keeping us from achieving our goal, and what categories would allow us to reach them. Example: If I want to learn a new inversion, the how is that I must remedy my knowledge deficit and physical weakness that are preventing me from doing said skill.

2. What steps must I take to reach my goal? This is the practical portion. I must schedule these classes, look up some videos, practice x amount of minutes a day, and perhaps seek a private lesson. I must go to classes, maybe some workshops, and glean from other yogis who have mastered the skill. I can read tips on the internet and apply them in practice.

3. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, why is this change and this intention important to me? Keeping focus on the heart of the matter helps us stay on course. It adds passion to practicality. Keeping with the theme, if I’m trying to learn a new inversion, if my goal is to look impressive, then I’m going to burn out easily. It’s an outwardly motivated quest. If my desire is to have a bodily expression of the inward strength, focus and determination I am crafting in my soul, then I will certainly have a better chance at success.

Any tips or tricks you’re trying out this year? Please feel free to share! Much love and namaste! Happy 2015!

New Year's Resolutions

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