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The Breakdown: Budokon Yoga

Today, my shoulder girdle and arms are feeling the workout it got in yesterday’s Budokon workshop. Never heard of it? I hadn’t either, actually. Budokon yoga is a relatively new and highly dynamic form of yoga that’s one part Karate Kid, one part The Matrix, and the rest is pure yoga. It is a fluid, incredibly athletic martial arts discipline that was intentionally meshed with an Ashtanga style yoga. The result is both very powerful and beautiful.

Compared to most forms of yoga, Budokon is new territory, but it’s built on the ancient foundations of Martial Arts and Sun Salutations. It literally translate to “the way of the Spiritual warrior” and nothing could more perfectly describe this practice. Cameron Shayne is the creator of Budokon, and it’s gained followers all over the world. Budokon as a living arts system that provides the beneficial aspects of Yoga, Martial Arts and Meditation all in one practice. Budokon teaches a graceful, fluid and controlled way do Yoga, while also providing the strength, agility and animal like movement Martial Artists.

One of the teachers I train with is Mimi Rieger, an internationally renowned yogini and Lululemon ambassador. She’s an incredible teacher, and she has an extensive background in dance and martial arts, so when she found Budokon years ago, she instantly loved it. She brought a Budokon workshop to Flow Yoga studio on 14th street yesterday, and it was an amazing experience.

Going through the Budokon Primary series was intense, exhausting, and exhilarating, all at once. It takes extreme strength and control to execute the moves, and in doing so, I was able to deeply dive into a spiritual experience. The moves lend themselves to the power of a warrior, and even though I was dripping with sweat and ready to collapse by the end of the workshop, I also felt incredibly empowered and centered. Another fabulous plus? You burn fat and calories like crazy!

Cameron Shayne in action

While it might seem overwhelming to pick up another style of yoga, I firmly believe that it’s important to find complimentary yoga practices for whatever your main go-to yoga is. Ashtanga and modern vinyassa flow are my primary yoga practices, I think I’ll add Budokon in a bit more because it’s such a complimentary style to the power and athleticism of Ashtanga. Furthermore, if you’re lusting after handstands and forearms balances, Budokon is your go-to. The shoulder girdle and core strength you’ll build is nothing short of amazing. Not only that, but it’s just incredibly fun. Curious as to what this way of the spiritual warrior looks like? Check out this link and watch Cameron Shayne flow through the Primary series. He moves like silk in the wind. It’s breathtaking!

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