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Paleo Banana Pancakes

Can’t you see that it’s just raining?
Ain’t no need to go outside…
Maybe we can sleep in
Make you banana pancakes
Pretend like it’s the weekend now…

~Jack Johnson

Jack Johnson might just be the muse of this recipe, because I’m pretty sure this song is the unofficial soundtrack to banana pancake making expeditions everywhere. Yes, yes I did listen to it while I was whipping these magical treats breakfast together. Thank you Spotify for letting me DJ up my own life. Wika wika wah! (Can you believe Samuel married me? I.am.such.a.nerd) I love, love, L-O-V-E banana pancakes. What I don’t love is gluten or committing carbocide in the morning (scratch that, I love it too much, but am trying to practice healthy habits these days…sigh), which a typical stack of pancakes usually involves both.

Fortunately, with this suuuuuuuper easy recipe, we can have our cakes and eat them too—pancakes, that is. I searched through several recipes, tried out quite a few, and experimented with my own variations till I found a version that is all kinds of fast to make and yummilicious. I’m aware that is not a word, but sometimes, food just inspires a new use of the English language.

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The top three reasons to love this recipe:

  1. SO fast and easy to throw together. Hooray! Moms and busy wives rejoice! Students in college, get yo’ pancakes on!
  2. Minimal ingredients, minimal clean up; thank you baby Jesus.
  3. Sneakily good for you: an awesome source of protein via the eggs and excellent nutrients via the bananas. Oh, and did I mention it’s sugar free? And gluten free? And preservatives free? It’s like I went to Hogwarts and left with a pancake recipe! Ok, ok…slight exaggeration. But only slightly.

Paleo Banana Pancakes

SERVES: 2-4 (makes 15 medium pancakes or 10 large pancakes)

PREP TIME: 5 minutes

COOKING TIME: About 3 minutes per side



Mash bananas (I use my hand mixer which is pretty much awesome) and blend all ingredients. You may have to add a little bit extra flour, depending on how large your bananas are. You don’t want the batter too runny.

I use a squeeze bottle like this one, but while it’s a cheap and easy way of getting uniform pancakes, it’s an unnecessary life hack.

KEY TIP: Because the ingredients are mostly banana and eggs, avoid scorching or very dark pancakes by using MEDIUM LOW HEAT. It cooks slower, but more evenly and looks prettier when it’s done 🙂

Bonus Tip: Spray or lightly oil your spatula to make sliding under these pancakes easy.

Extra touches you can do to make these pancakes even more delish: Sear bananas slices on medium high heat to bring out natural sugars, then top over pancakes.

Serve with warm organic 100% maple syrup or a dab of butter. Or, try this maple syrup replacement:

Coconut nectar & Cinnamon “Syrup”

1 cup coconut nectar (not a low cal sub, but low glycemic index)
1 cup water
1/4-1/2 teaspoon cinnamon
Splash of lemon juice

Whisk over medium high heat till it begins boiling, then reduce heat to gentle simmer and stir for about 2 minutes. Take off heat and allow to cool before serving.

Fast, delicious breakfast in less time than it takes to tell! Any variations or additions you came up with while making these? Let me know! Much love and lots of spice!


  1. Multi-use squeeze bottle
  2. Calphalon skillet (any will do, this is the one I used)
  3. Budget friendly skillet
  4. Organic coconut nectar
  5. Coconut flour
  6. Pamala’s Artisan Flour
  7. Organic maple syrup

Disclaimer: these are affiliate links of products I personally use. Treat yo’self!

Paleo Banana Pancakes

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