profile pic 001I’m a gypsy soul. Jill of all trades. Wild at heart. Infatuated with life. In love with flawed people. Devoted to music, art, dance, and design. Addicted to literature, learning, and loving others. Taken by the simple things that have no price tag. I believe you can find great joy in life and create adventures from ordinary days. Grace  is beyond amazing, and we all need to give a lot more to each other.

When I’m not on my mat, I’m happily wandering around our big, wonderful world, because it’s meant to be explored. I’m happiest surrounded by nature and doing anything outdoors, but paradoxically I’m a city girl for life. I read a book a week (nerd alert) and have a voracious appetite for learning and growing as a person. Fellow book lovers, send me your recs! There is so much to love and enjoy in life, and I’m only sorry I just have one to spend it one.

Most importantly, I’m married to my soul mate and love of my life. I cannot put into words how grateful I am for my amazing husband. I have a non-stop crush on him every day. I’m passionate  about encouraging others to realize how amazing each of us are, and how we all  have incredible potential to do, be, and realize the wonderful things God has for us. Much love!


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