Meet Camryn

Just a fitness loving, tree-hugging yogini surrounded by plants…especially in the kitchen.

I’m a gypsy soul and wild at heart. A Jill of all trades and a dabbler in too many hobbies. I despise clutter and fear scrapbooking due to its messy nature. I’m infatuated with life and in love with flawed people. I believe almost all first world problems can be solved with a glass of good wine. FACT. I’ve done the research.

I adore carbs and sardonic humor in equal measures, and I would date the devil if he made me laugh. Fortunately, I don’t have to, since I married an amazing man who has the brilliant wit of a clever, hot British man. Sadly, he lacks the accent, but I’m still smitten-kitten for him like crazy. I didn’t believe in soul mates till I met my husband, but he changed my mind for sure.

I’m passionate about the rights of all living creatures—humans and animals alike. I believe we stand stronger together, not divided by our differences. To me, success has nothing to do with titles or prestige, but in living a joyful, compassionate life. I spend my time investing in the people I love, the people who need love, and the one who have much they can teach me. I collect experiences, not things.

In my down time, I read at least a book a week and devour articles on astrophysics first thing in the morning, because I’m a super-nerd. Music is my first language and the setter of my mode, and I couldn’t live without art. Adventures are my favorite, and I love traveling all over the world in search of the next one. Being outdoors is an obsession, and you’ll find my husband and me picnicking under the cherry blossoms in spring, playing in the ocean during the summers, biking and hiking through Vermont in the fall, and snowboarding our faces off in the winter. I live for rainy days. Nature is my favorite color. I believe in making memories from ordinary days and finding the magic in a simple life. There is endless joy to be found in each and every day.

WHY I PURSUE THE FIT LIFE: I love that our bodies can heal naturally. Health and healing are two of my great passions. After being diagnosed with Lupus, I experienced first hand the power of clean eating and yoga. When western medicine meets holistic living, the combination is powerful.

My first degree is a double major in piano performance and English, but my true calling was to serve others. I became an ICU nurse and yoga instructor, which led me to obtaining certifications in naturopathy (the study of holistic health), nutrition, and herbology.

WHY YOGA: Yoga allows us to find a place of deep spiritual peace and a connection to God. For me, my practice is my little place to have quiet time with God. Some people do this in church, others in a field; I do it on a mat. I thoroughly believe we all  have incredible potential and great worth; truly, God has wonderful plans for each of us. I firmly believe in the healing power of yoga. My personal yoga teacher and mentor is Kino MacGregor, and I consider it a tremendous honor to learn from her and share some of my training. In addition to my 200 hour training, I also have done 100 hour training course with Kino and Tim Feldmann, 25 hour teacher training with Seane Corn and extensive teacher training with MarieBelle PR. Like all things in life, yoga is an area where we never arrive, we only grow in grace.

Thanks for stopping by! Feel free to share what you’re learning or ways you’re living a naturally fit life. There is so much to love and enjoy each day, and I fully appreciate that we can taste and see and know that life is good. In fact, it’s beautiful.

If you get a moment, find me on Instagram @camrynbickham (yoga account) or @naturallyfitliving to get the every day mini-updates. Much love, from my heart! 



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