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Monday Mantra: Unconditional Kindness

Monday Mantra: Unconditional Kindness I don’t like political diatribes, and I usually avoid them at all cost. They seem so pointless and generally argumentative. But I am going to speak a few thoughts about Ferguson, Missouri, and hopefully gently and from my heart. I want to make it clear that I believe in equality and humane treatment, and I never believe that it should be fought for in an inhumane or violent manner that disrespects our fellow man. I really apologize for my inability to perfectly convey my thoughts right now, but please know I am sharing the best I can to hopefully add a few positive thoughts during this massive negativity media storm. My heart is heavy right now watching the pain on both sides, and mostly because there are sides, and I’m not sure how we make the line disappear. What I do know is that if we chose to use wisdom and kindness in our interaction with each other, what a difference it would make in our own hearts and other people’s …

Monday Mantra: Facing the Fear

“Fear to a great extent is born of a story we tell ourselves.” Sometimes we must face the fear and do it anyway. I often am terrified of failure, and I’d sometimes rather just not do something than try and fail. But you know what? I’ve lived every failure down so far just fine and more often than not, I fly. Fear challenges me. Challenges make me grow…When we’re out of our comfort zone, we soar to new heights. Yoga pushes me to face this fear and extend grace to myself wherever I’m at. My intention tonight is courage with grace. Much love and namaste