Zero Sugar. Zero gluten. Zero processed, artificial ingredients…endless possibilities.

LIVING A FIT LIFE SHOULDN’T BE SO DIFFICULT…One of the best ways to contribute to our health and fitness is to eat whole, natural foods. Foods that don’t sound more like a science experiment than a recipe. Naturally Fit Living features a collection of predominantly vegetarian and vegan recipes, because eating a bunch of plants can be sneakily delicious! Greens also happen to be the best fuel for our bodies!

The guidelines I follow when I cook: Zero Sugar. Zero gluten. Zero processed, artificial ingredients…100% healthy. But, I should add, these recipes are more than my attempt to “be healthy.” I personally choose to practice a lifestyle of compassion, which extends to my diet: that means I make every effort to eat food that is obtained through humane methods. I avoid eating meat or dairy products and focus on a plant based diet.Fortunately, there are endless possibilities of amazing foods to eat and make. The recipes I post are what I experiment with, cook for my own family, and then share with you. Our food choices help us be naturally fit.

Our diet choices are a major way to show kindness not only to animals, but to our own bodies. There are so many things in life we can’t control, but we can greatly contribute to the health and happiness of ourselves and our loved ones by choosing what we eat and planning our meals with care. My mom makes every meal from scratch, and whenever I ask what how she created a recipe, she says, “It was made with love. That’s the secret ingredient.”  Serious, my mom…she’s so adorable. But love really is the secret ingredient to good cooking. Preparing healthy meals is a wonderful way to show love to not only our families, but ourselves. Thank you for coming along and sharing some time in my kitchen with me. Much love…and lots of spice!

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