The Lessons:

Contact Info:

Washington, D.C.

The style: a powerful Ashtanga inspired flow.

Private Lessons: Private lessons are the perfect option for those who want to dive deeper into yoga or refine their practice. Each lesson is tailored to each yoga practitioner’s individual goals as well as their strengths and weaknesses. I provide lessons that stay true the heart of yoga and provide a safe, judgement free place to find inner joy and peace. An extra benefit? You’ll find your body getting stronger and more flexible than you could ever imagine.

PTSD Recovery: Yoga heals and helps not only the body, but the soul. If you’re currently in counseling to deal with issues of PTSD, particularly related to domestic violence or a sexual assault, private lessons are offered to you for free via Skype or in person with the approval of your therapist or counselor. Healing and peace should never have to come at a price, but it does take work to reach it. Lessons are a safe place where the focus is inner peace and joy in conjunction to your work in therapy.

Discounted Lessons: Are you a college student, in high school, or at a point where your budget might not cover private or small group lessons? Please don’t let that stop you. One of my personal goals is to make sure yoga is available for everyone who desires to walk down this path. Please email for more details.

In Home: Private Yoga sessions can be scheduled in the privacy of your own home.

$80 per session

$220 for a 3 pack session

Skype Lessons: Don’t live in the District? No problem! Let modern technology work for you and Skype your lesson.

$60 per session.

$180 for a 3 pack session.

**24 Hour Cancellation Policy for all Private Yoga sessions. Full refund if cancellation received within 24 hours, full payment required thereafter**

Small Group: limited to 5 or less to ensure superior teaching and attention throughout class.

Corporate:  please contact us for details.



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