The Lessons:

Contemporary Vinyasa with Classical Ashtanga Roots.

PRIVATE LESSONS: Private lessons are the perfect option for yoga practitioners who want to dive deeper into yoga, refine their practice, or work on more challenging asanas. Lessons are tailored to each person’s individual goals.

GROUP CLASSES: Camryn teaches powerful vinyasa and Ashtanga inspired flows to practitioners of all levels. Classes stay true the heart of yoga and provide a safe, judgement free space to tap into internal and external strength and equanimity.

PTSD RECOVERY: Yoga heals and helps not only the body, but the soul. If you’re currently in counseling to deal with issues of PTSD, particularly related to domestic violence or a sexual assault, private lessons are offered to you for free via Skype or in person with the approval of your therapist or counselor. Healing and peace should never have to come at a price, but it does take work to reach it. Lessons are a safe place where the focus is inner peace and joy in conjunction to your work in therapy.


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